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I never much cared for the AGF.  Clearly they are not in this for the artists but rather for the money.

If we’re going to get the SCGF rolling we have to do it from within which will take time.

My involvement in the forum was mostly in posting my music although I did advertise items for sale from time to time and ask Richard questions.

I think if we all pick up where we left off a year or so ago eventually the forum will get back to where it was.

I’ll start posting new material later this spring. Musically speaking it’s been tough for me over the last 6 months because my house burnt down in a wildfire Sept 1st. I’m a general contractor so the choice between playing music and rebuilding  my home was  a no brainer. The good news is that we will be moving home this next week and I will have a music studio to record from.

If Eric Skye is around he could help give the forum  some credibility and momentum.