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      Apparently, our little forum is considered a threat to the 800lbs gorilla, the AGF – so a couple posts that have been made to make players aware of our return have been removed, with a hint of malice – even mentioning it will probably get me banned, but some deep internal belief in freedom of speech and other American values make me feel the need to make others aware.

      so – since mentioning our new forum is in itself perceived as a threat to the AGF, we need to find other SCGC players and owners to let them know they can come on back home!  We probably can’t use PM features as I’ll guess they monitor those, but we should be able to email people who express interest in or already have SCGC guitars.

      Its truly a shame that we have to operate so clandestinely, but I think its currently our best option right now –

      Help spread the word!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Tadol, I also had posts removed that invited folks to come join us here and they were deleted and I was contacted by a Mod.
      Maybe the Dealers for SCGC could spread the word that we are back.

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      Somewhat off topic, but not entirely. My SCGC dealer, L.A. Guitar Sales, suddenly is not a sponsor of AGF any more. I posted a simple inquiry about what might be going on and it was zapped within a couple of minutes.  Not becoming of ol’ JR Rogers . . .

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      I never much cared for the AGF.  Clearly they are not in this for the artists but rather for the money.

      If we’re going to get the SCGF rolling we have to do it from within which will take time.

      My involvement in the forum was mostly in posting my music although I did advertise items for sale from time to time and ask Richard questions.

      I think if we all pick up where we left off a year or so ago eventually the forum will get back to where it was.

      I’ll start posting new material later this spring. Musically speaking it’s been tough for me over the last 6 months because my house burnt down in a wildfire Sept 1st. I’m a general contractor so the choice between playing music and rebuilding  my home was  a no brainer. The good news is that we will be moving home this next week and I will have a music studio to record from.

      If Eric Skye is around he could help give the forum  some credibility and momentum.

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      Matt Hayden

      This is a good group. Share it with friends and it’ll grow just like the last one.

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      Hey guys,

      Just posted an invite to this forum on our opening slider along with a link in our SCGC landing page.


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      Matt Hayden

      Good to see you here, Ted.  Need to chat with you at some point either via mail or forum chat.

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      On a somewhat different note from the AGF, I found out that the SG forum was back up on an UMGF thread.

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      Silly Moustache

      Hi, I’m a polite, old English gentleman who neither rants nor swears nor seeks to upset any applecarts.

      I am somewhat sickly and virtually housebound after cancer treatment last year. I have joined various fora in order to learn and to help and advise.

      I’ve been banned two or three times on the AGF. and two other British pals have also been banned. It is so sad that one or more mods are seemingly over enthusiastic with their enforcement.

      No-one wants rudeness or antisocial behaviour and fora need to have to have rules and Mods who should be respected.  But surely we are grownups.

      I do hope I haven’t offended anyone by saying this. I look forward to joining in and contributing to this forum.

      (Even though I mostly play Collings !!)

      Regards to all.  Ol’Andy

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      Matt Hayden

      Welcome, Andy. I’ve read your posts on AGF forever and find your commentary well worth reading.

      Hoping you’re recovering from your treatment.

      As the guys on RMMGA used to say, “pull up a rock, light up a beer,” and enjoy yourself.




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      I put a notice up on the Collings Forum. It’s nice to see this Forum light up!

      – Paul –

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      Frozen Rat

      We need a better acoustic forum and this can be it. I can’t imagine Silly Mustache getting banned on AGF, he’s the nicest darn guy there! I was banned once and have been threatened again.

      And yes, they do moderate and delete PMs on AGF.

      Maybe a few guitar magazines could mention this new forum. I’ll see what I can arrange along those lines.

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