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      Greetings forum,

      Tonight we share a very special podcast with Michael Gaither. Michael has been there from the beginning of Americana music, he might not be a breakfast table name but he’s the real thing and we are very proud to share this open and honest conversation with you, hope you enjoy it, as always please support this artist if you can and spread the word. thank you Richard Hoover for such a great guitar! So…here’s the podcast and the links: enjoy

      Here’s the Soundcloud for audio¬† ¬† https://soundcloud.com/rnewman-1/zoomin-with-michael-gaither-scgc-guitar-players-forum-18

      About Michael

      “See You On the Other Side” Video

      “Moving to Boise (Zombie Free)” Video

      My Music page

      Music and Store Page


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      just a new guy here. used to be on the old forum however.

      Just want to say thank-you for the pod cast.

      It was entertaining and informative.

      Nice to see faces and hear voices connected to the SCGC family again.

      Again thanks!

      Nate in TX.

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      Welcome back Nate! we’re a good bunch here

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      That was a joy to watch. Michael ,Tad and Richard you guys make a morning show enjoyable !

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