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      When looking over the wood choices for a possible next SC (an OM short scale), I noticed that ziricote is absent.  A fairly common wood among high end makers, I would think that it would be magnificent with a Tunnel Redwood top.  Especially since ebony also isn’t listed, I think this ticks that sonic box.  Any thoughts anyone?

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      I’m fairly certain I’ve seen a number of Zircote SCGC’s builds in the not so distant past .Not many.   Richard may have a source for it but just does not receive many requests for custom builds . Give the shop a call.

      Tunnel 13 Redwood tops I’ve sampled are beyond simple description . Overtone rich and warm is my short description.  The one that floored me and had me thinking second mortgage was a OM tunnel 13 and either Brazilian or Madagascar RW.   Dalbergia for sure would be my choice.   Maybe Zorro will chime in with some thoughts

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      About 5 years ago I owned a SCGC F Zircote /German (?). The Zircote was beautiful and quite striking ,Bookend sapwood.

      I remember it being heavy for a SCGC.

      Typical F voice …Clear bass with a bit of rumble and very well balanced mids and nice trbles.

      Did I mention Heavy ??…For a SCGC guitar.

      Sold it to help pay for the 34 Zorro.


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