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      On another Forum there is a thread about “the Zero Fret”.  A fret wire on the fingerboard side of the nut.

      As I plan on playing the 75th T.A.S. 000  a lot in DADGAD I am wondering if I should ask SCGC to build one into the guitar.

      Or do I have the guitar strung with the new SCGC DADGAD tension strings direct from the factory……although that would seem to limit my tuning options.

      As I have trusted the mothership to always build the best sounding guitars possible, I would really like to get R.H’s thoughts on this subject….before the guitar is started.

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      Mr. Jelly

      I don’t know anything about zero frets but I would definitely ask to have it set up with your strings of choice. Possibly have the top voiced for your tuning. It doesn’t hurt to ask and get their ideas about it.

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      I’ve never seen a SC with a zero fret – but I’m sure Richard could build one if he wanted. My most immediate thought would be that if Richard felt there was a real benefit to building with a zero fret, he’d be doing it, or at least offering it as an option.  Since he isn’t, and doesn’t, I’d be inclined to think that he doesn’t feel there are any good reasons to do it.

      But, I wouldn’t think to speak for him – maybe we can use this as a discussion topic for a future podcast. Or maybe he’ll weigh in here (if he isn’t too busy – which he usually is). I’d also like to ask him about their fine-tuning custom builds for specific SC string sets – that could be very interesting –

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