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      I was listening to Del Amitri’s album, Twisted on the way home today.  I juiced me right up after a long 90 minute session with 10 kids in a montessori school.

      It also occured to me that Twisted is my last favorite CD.  There won’t be another favorite CD.  I’m too old for the new stuff and too close to the old stuff.  And this realisation made me think about what my first favorite CD/album might be.

      The first album I bought was Elton John’s greatest hits.  But I quickly latched onto both rock music (with lots of guitars) and women who sing.  I bought Heart’s Dreamboat Annie in 1977 or 78, and poured over the lyrics and photos.  Absorbng the messages that the label and the band were sending.  I then went on collect a few more of their albums: Magazine, Little Queen, Dog & Butterfly, Bebe le Strange.

      Yeah, OK.  So Dreamboat Annie was my first favorite CD.

      So, do you guys ahve a first and a last favorite album? Just  a first?  What was the last album that made you dig in, listen closely, and look at the cover art or booklet carefully?  Why?


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      Great topic Daniel, thanks for starting this thread.


      1965 Rollings Stones ‘Decembers Children’


      However, I haven’t listened to an album in years, just playlist. My favorite artist are the ones who can uniquely blend blues/jazz in their arrangements…. Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, and in recent times Euge Groove.
      I think in terms of guitar being one voice in the mix, the ultimate portable utility instrument.


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      Mr. Jelly

      My first album would be either the Byrds first album or Paul Revere and the Raiders. Yes I am old.

      I am into country ragtime blues and traditional jazz now days. So I am in deep with Tuba Skinny and have close to all their CDs.


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      ” Bob Gibson and Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn”

      And any early Dave Van Ronk

      The Big Pink…The Band

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      Rubber Soul;  Has always been at the top. Norwegian Wood

      Ry Cooder; Buena Vista Social Club.     So C@@LIO !

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      Stooges funhouse – psyc meets free jazz


      Also been listening to a lot of Gene Clarke lately


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      Matt Hayden

      My first favorite album was probably the Kottke/Fahey/Lang dragon album.   I learned ‘Cripple Creek’ and ‘In Christ There Is No East Or West” off it pretty much immediately, and a few other tunes later on.

      Last favorite…hmmm.  I keep finding new things.  Maybe the current last favorite is Larkin Poe’s latest record, or the T Sisters’ latest.  I’m open to hearing stuff, more so than ever, and it’s been a treat.  We’re awash in great music these days.

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      First album…Peter Paul and Mary….latest   Born to Play Guitar  Buddy Guy…what a long strange trip

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      Old 97

      Surrealistic Pillow is first.

      The last one is forgotten.

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        Matt, my step-father brought that album with him when he moved in.  I played it a lot even though there were things, little dissonances or clunky passages, that kept it from being a favourite.



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      Del Shannon – Runaway, through one of those record clubs.

      – Paul –

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      Paul, I love your choice of ‘Runaway’…. that song plus a few licks from Jimmy Reed are what lured me into guitar.

      Max Crook was the co-writer of ‘Runaway’. In the below clip Max tells the story of how he and Del Shannon wrote the song. Del has been gone for a long time but sadly, Max(83) died last year. During it’s prime ‘Runaway’ was selling 80K 45rpm records/day. Max invented his ‘Musitron’ which he used along with his keyboard for the solo bridge in the song.   bert

      Right from the horses mouth here:

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        Very interesting Bert, thanks for digging that up and posting. You must be as young as I am 😊

        – Paul –

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      The first two albums I ever had were S&Gs Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme, and Crosby, Stills & Nash Deja Vu – got them with the Radio Shack stereo my parents bought me for my 12th birthday. I still remember everyone thought it was broken when the news came in during Silent Night. Shortly afterwards Harvest came into my life, and I learned every song on that album on the guitar with my friends – probably remember most of them –
      But other than the discs that friends put out, I don’t think I’ve bought a CD in a long time. Whats been pretty influential in my listening recently have been the California Honeydrops,  Cactus Blossoms, Larkin Poe, The Mavericks – stuff that we’re trying to do more and sound more like in the band –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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