WTB – anyone have a bass? or maybe a uke?

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    OK – admitted big SCGC fanboy here – got a fair number of guitars, and even a few baritones, but I’m thinking it would be awfully fun to get a SCGC bass, and maybe even a ukelele.

    The only other thing I’d like is one of their archtops, but thats probably asking too much –

    If anyone has one, or maybe sees one avail, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    how’ve you been?

    Alan Kimura here A.K.A. palolowarrior

    what kind of ukulele are you interested in?

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      Alan, Wonderful to see you here.
      I play the OM “tree” everyday. It is such a wonderful guitar I Feel guilty that I bought it from you…NOT.
      You have such a wonderful collection and are great to deal with.
      I hope you’ll chime in here more often.
      Fair Winds Mate.

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    Hey Alan!  I know you always have some extra nice stuff around!

    I am, of course, looking for a Santa Cruz uke – not terribly picky about wood, would prefer a larger one but I think they only made concert size. Not a good player, and I have one I plunk on from time to time, and a friend has offered me a couple Martins, but if I’m gonna spend a few bucks on a really nice uke, its gonna have to be a Santa Cruz –

    If you see anything, keep me in mind!

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    Acoustic Soul

    I’ve always kept in mind that when I have completed my guitar lineup I would LOVE to get an Acoustic Bass and Ukulele as well!

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