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      I have my Martin Tuned to DADGAD( thanks Matt H. for introducing me to that tuning) and I use SCGC Mid tension strings.

      Should the above link change my mind and buy them rather than SCs?

      1993 Martin HD-28 IR/Sitka
      2001 SCGC F Cutaway Maple/German
      2008 SCGC OT Madi/Italian
      2015 SCGC OM “The Tree” Hog/ European
      2016 SCGC 1934 D45 Braz/ Adi
      2016 Taylor K62 CE Limited Edition 12 string all Koa
      2019 SCGC FTC Granadillo/Redwood
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      Save your money ,mind and hassle unless the SCGC stings just don’t work for you.

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      Old 97

      I have SCGC strings on my Cruz and Merrill. I’m not stuck on any particular brand. I like Elixer Nanoweb, John Pearse, D’Addario, Ovation Cryogenic, and with the exception of Ernie Ball Earthwood and Aluminum Bronze, I have been happy with most everything.

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      Acoustic Soul

      Might as well try it!

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      Don’t know about the Newtones…. but, if you’re in the mood to try something….

      I just bought a mix of Curt Mangan Lights/Meds, round core etc.

      I’ve used them before and plan to put a set of round core lights on the VJ at the next change.

      Curt Mangan

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      Lowden makes a set of DADGAD strings now… I’ve bought a set but haven’t been able to get them on a guitar yet. They’re standard set are really nice though! Wyres also do a DADGAD set and they’re wonderful!

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