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      Matt Hayden

      Was going through my stack o’joined tops which I haven’t touched in quite a while because of work.

      Most of it’s good spruce of a couple of varieties, as well as some cedar and some oddities (Port Orford, Doug Fir) that I want to play with.

      One thing I’d completely forgotten: a Lucky Strike redwood top I got from Alicia and Craig Carter twenty years ago.  It was good then, and a couple of decades sitting in a climate-controlled stack hasn’t done anything but help it be drier and ringy-er.

      Every LS top I’ve heard has ridiculous, thick trebles, great evenness, lots of bass clarity, and lots of sustain.  Was a bit of a treat to find it.

      Not sure what to build with it so far, but I’m thinking this and walnut or maybe rosewood in a small fingerstyle guitar.

      Suggestions appreciated….


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      Old 97

      During my 90 minutes at Sylvan yesterday, two guitars stood out. The EIR FS with a Redwood top was exceptional. Brightness, clarity, with a warm roundness as well, it was the most beautiful of them all.

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      Sinker Hog or “Tree Hog B/S……L.S. Top……Hog neck…L.S. headstock overlay…….Style 42 bling /Paua, MOP.

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      Matt Hayden

      I was thinking dalbergia melanoxylon but anything hard and ringy would do.

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