Who will be at the Christmas party?

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      Matt Hayden

      Beth and I may be there…..

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      Old 97

      Due to a gig this evening, I wasn’t up to the 500 mile round trip in 24 hours.

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      Matt Hayden

      Missed you there. Another time…

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      We had a very good time – It was good seeing you, MH, and sorry not to see you, MS – we should try for a forum get together –

      I made an attempt at collecting audio from all over the shop, hoping that Mr Newman could cut and tape it together into something semi-enjoyable for others, and help give a sense of flavor of what the Xmas party is like. He’s got a very daunting project ahead of him, based on the extremely random stuff I listened to afterward. We’ll see what he can make of it –  this podcasting/interview stuff is still too darn new for me, and as with so  much of my life, the learning curve is proving to be long, and steep –  but so far, he has the patience to try and deal with it.  🙏





      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Wish I could have been there!  The commute is a bit of a stretch.  😉

      My daughter sang in the children’s choir in the cathedral’s Christmas show.  She’s in a special music program at school, and her music teacher complimented her voice after the show.  Proud papa, me.

      Her teacher has asked me if I am interested in singing in the men’s choir.  I might just.

      Hope you all had lots of fun.


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      We’re cooking up the Holiday Stew here, stay tuned for some fun!

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