What impact can an armrest have on soundboard resonance and response? Find out

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      Acoustic Soul

      Abel Armrest – Before and After (Test & Discussion)

      I can dive deeper into this and make a slide show with higher quality audio if there is enough interest on YouTube.

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      first let me say you have a very nice style and play beautifully …thank you for the small bit of “Take Five”. it is my favorite all time song and highlights your point well.

      Yes. to my ear the armrest does enhance/improve the sound of that guitar….not by a large amount but enough to be audible.

      I have Bose audio monitor speakers on my computer and they recreate sound well.

      For me I don’t know if I would benefit from using one. I have very long arms for my size (5’10”) and very long fingers, some folks say I’m a bit monkey like. I don’t have a lot of forearm/elbow resting on the top of the guitar.

      I brace with my little finger on the pickguard when I finger pick and so my arm is clear of the guitar.

      However since I am always looking for ways to improve my playing and the sound coming from the guitar I will be looking into trying a arm rest.

      Please keep us updated on how your arm rest reacts to the wood and finish of you SC over time. I am a bit of a nut when it come to my SCs and their well being.

      Thanks again for posting on the subject….It is a nice benefit to our Forum.

      Fair Winds,




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      Thats an interesting video –  and you certainly demonstrate the possible value of it. I think I need to try a couple experiments myself –

      oh –  and nice guitar!!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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