What do you call the Firefly voicing?

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      Acoustic Soul

      What is the internal terminology used to describe the EQ of the Firefly?

      I thought it was one of the most dynamic, responsive to timbre, and especially balanced Santa Cruz guitars I’ve ever played (and with Cedar and EIR to boot which is not something I typically go for).  It would not be as practical for me since I need the power often unplugged and headroom, but I would like to know so I can reference that in the future.  While the apparent amplitude of something like a OOO or OM Grand is more in volume, the Firefly has a character that sounds deeper  and more balanced to me even though it is less in sheer power.  For sitting on the couch or recording, I can see how the Firefly is guitar at it’s finest.

      Strumming and fingers are very different worlds in terms of the type of response and tone that is needed.  That’s why the Firefly shocked me because it seemed to handle both very very well, better than anything I’ve ever played before that’s for sure.  With the OM Grand or F models they just don’t quite have the voice for strumming to me, yet somehow in the little Firefly you have the low depth and mid punch.

      I would be curious to know because I would like to just “scale it up”.   I also loved how the Firefly brings some of the roundness of the string of nylon guitars to steel string while still having impressive headroom.  Definitely a feat and congratulations on managing to complete such a goal.  I know the guitar itself can’t be scaled up because it would lose the 24″ charm and physics is limiting because everything effects the sound of a guitar… but the ethos of it is something I love to feel when playing it.  I definitely want that feeling of subjective balance in an RS and to be able to carry that tonal idea into a OOO in the future.  Also, when the spruce or redwood is put on the Firefly the attack changes and it loses it’s perfect happy spot to me… so even that proves the recipe can’t change, but the idea can remain the same and hopefully be transplanted to another model.

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