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    Acoustic Soul

    Hello everyone!  I’m so happy to see the forum back up and running.  Looks like it’s been up for 10 months and I didn’t know.

    I’m glad to have this resource and chat open again.

    Just for the information of the forum, on Safari it says that this site is unsecured in the html area.


    Which of the D models is most like an OM Grand in your personal experiences in regards to the voicing but just with added low end and punch?  Without departing too much, of course it will change a little.  I just am asking about it because I played a 1934D and it was a totally different beast.  I played a Vintage Artist and it was not quite as different, and it seems like I remember playing a D12 and it being the most familiar.  I might like to get something like my om/pw grand but with more airspace one day soon, but I wasn’t sure.

    Is tapered bracing key for gibson style voicing, and scalloped key for martin?  I saw them do a hybrid bracing one time also.

    Have any of you compared a guitar with an ebony bridge to one with a brazilian one?


    These are some curiosities that have been on my mind.  I have a few builds that I’m coming up on in the next year or two that I’ve been waiting a long time for.  I need to go around to shops in person and take a tour of Santa Cruz.


    Does anyone have any recommendation on strings that emphasize fundamentals more on strings 3-6 than the parabolic tension ones?  I love the Santa Cruz strings, but my cocobolo is too rich with them and lacks a bit of fundamentals on the lows.  I was thinking about trying some 80/20 or other strings to see if I could get it to balance out a bit.


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    Acoustic Soul

    Oh, and what has everyone been up to for the past 2-3 years?

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    Welcome back and thanks for finding us again! Good questions, we’ve been fine a little water logged here in Ca.

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    A.C…..Glad to see you again…spread the word.
    As you know I have a 34D and had a Braz/Sitka Da-1 that I recently sold.
    Both were scalloped braced. The 34 has a larger sound hole and a Braz bridge/fingerboard and style 45 appointments.
    The Da-1 was Style 42 and had a ebony bridge and fingerboard.
    The Da-1 was loud and clear and well balanced. It was the guitar that introduced me to SCGC.
    The 1934 Braz/Adi is LOUD, CLEAR and VERY Balanced with WONDERFUL SUSTAIN.
    The use of CAPS is the best way I can describe the differences between the Two guitars….if you get my drift.
    looking forward to your contributions to the Forum again.
    As to what I have been up to: See my Signature. (Insert S**t Eating Grin Here.)

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    Acoustic Soul

    Thank you, nice to see you guys as well

    Yeah I understand the 1934D being in CAPS, I’ve played one.  I like it but they are so attacky when they’re new, I’m not used to that.  The pick percussion comes through a lot and they are very cannon like, in a bluegrass kind of a way.  They’re sweet guitars, but I was trying to figure out the different dreadnought voices SC does so when it’s time to buy one I can be better informed.  I’m not looking for a country or bluegrass one, but really just something larger than an OM.  I’m looking forward to buying an Adi/Hog brazilian bridge VS too.  I think that’s going to be my bread and butter as I’ve found I prefer Gibson voices to Martin most of the time.


    Looks like you’ve got a group of sweet tone woods in your collection Zorro!

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    Our late Pal Alex Austin convinced me to buy a BlueChip pick….I have No pick percussion even when I play any of the Ramuda hard….i really like the BlueChips….on the 34 and on the OM and the others.
    Thanks…I’m pretty happy with the group at the moment.

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    Acoustic Soul

    That’s cool, I have 15 different blue chips myself because I got a bit obsessive about trying to get enough low end off of my H13 and OM Grand for singing along.  I have a wealth of experience in the shapes and thicknesses haha.

    My friend’s 1934D is just way too clicky, ESPECIALLY with blue chip because they can bring out more definition

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    Matt Hayden

    For low end, I found the big heavy Wegen picks to be the right thing – the 5mm thick ones are amazing – and they’re not at all clicky, bc they’re Acetal or Delrin or some such plastic that doesn’t have the surface hardness.

    I’m partial to the 1942 Flatpick D that Steve Swan had made for a while – I’m not a flatpicker but those things had amazing clarity.

    My OM has plenty of bottom end – it’s sitka / Indian with tapered bracing and a cutaway, using SGCG low tensions.  I suspect a bunch of the low end comes from 28 years of relatively hard playing, though I seem to recall it being there all along.

    And welcome back! Glad you found us.


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    It’s funny but not surprising how we all hear differently when playing the same style of guitars and with similar picks….but that’s what makes a forum (insert Smiles here).
    Please contact any of the “Old” forum members that you may know and ask them to rejoin us.
    The 34 Zorro seems to be a bit more “Mellow” now that I have played it for some time.
    I never found it to be “Clicky”….but I had lots of advice from Forum Members and Mr. Hoover and Bill Warmouth about bridge/fingerboard woods and the addition of the 45 “Bling”.
    you might take a look at the “Ask SCGC” page and Richards comments on 45 inlay sound.
    Matt, who describes the sound of SCGC models as well as anyone, might comment on it.

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    Acoustic Soul

    Hey Matt, yes when I really want to fill a room I use the Blue Chip Large TAD-1R in the 100/2.5mm size.  It’s a workout to play with but it works…. it’s just so much more compressed and clicky than 1.5mm and under.

    Remember, I have an OM Grand which is thin and projective, as well as italian and cocobolo.

    I would agree there is “plenty” of low-end on mine as well, but there isn’t enough fundamental power or depth.  While the balance is there, the feel and reaction is not… the way the guitar behaves under strumming is less than desirable and you’d rather have a old Gibson, VS, RS, or some D variant for that.  It’s very slick finger style though.

    Thank you for the welcome back


    Zorro – I love that your 34D is the 34 Zorro 🙂  I believe that if you had a very clicky percussive 34D you would know it.

    45 inlay sound?  Lol we’re going deep down the rabbit hole huh?  lol


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    Old 97

    Welcome back.

    i have two Blue Chip picks and still prefer Tortoise Shell. At the moment, I am favoring a horn pick. Solid midrange and less clicks that the others I use it to flatpick on my Cruz, Merrill, and Brondel, and find it tames the electric tone of my Tele, Strats, Gibsons, and PRS.

    1982 SCGC Dread Cutaway Brazilian/Sitka

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    Acoustic Soul

    Hey Old 97!  Horn really?  what kind?

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    Matt Hayden

    Usually cow or bull horn. They’re great.  I’ve got a few, and they feel good in hand, too – something about the horn makes them less slippery than other pick materials.

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