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    Hello. I’m considering a Vintage Artist and was wondering if anyone here has experience with one. I’m a lefty and can’t really test it without ordering it first so and opinion would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I guess not…….

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    Well, unfortunately its one of those models that has a 1-11/16” nut, so its not one I’ve been particularly lusting after. I can say that I have had a couple of their mahogany dread-like guitars, and they’ve been wonderful. But they were not the VA, so I can’t offer specific comments on that. Since it would be a special order left-hand, I’d suggest calling the shop, especially if you have specific concerns or questions. Richard is usually quite happy to talk to customers (if he has time) and he could offer the best feedback for you.

    Also, you might call Lefty Guitars Only, who have a couple lefty Santa Cruz in stock, and may have had a VA go thru their shop. They may be the best source to understand any specific idiosyncracies about SCGC and lefties.

    Wish I could help more – but all I can say is I’ve rarely been disappointed by a Santa Cruz –

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    You should talk to Sonny S in his thread…I think Sonny likes his 🙂

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