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      Hey folks,

      Need to update the value of my Santa Cruz OM Koa on my homeowners policy.

      It’s a close to mint OM Koa serial # 523.  I’ve got the receipt somewhere around here but can’t put my hands on it quickly.  It was made in the mid 1990s, koa back and sides with a standard spruce top used in that period of time.  Gold tuners, beautifully aged top.  When I bought the guitar new from Mandolin Bros I did not notice a small ding on the neck.  I’ve since had that repaired and the local shop did a decent job fixing that.  Other than that there’s hardly pick wear or any imperfections.  While having the ding fixed I had some minor fret wire filed down.

      Anyone have any ideas what that might bring on the marketplace or for sale in the used department of guitar shops?

      Thanks for any help!

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      Having an appraisal from a professional guitar appraiser (e.g., long-time owner of an acoustic guitar store) is really what is needed, particularly if you schedule the item at a stated value, have replacement value coverage or ever have a claim.

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      Any time I have needed a replacement value for insurance I have emailed Carolyn at SCGC . I have provided them the Serial # of the instrument and the have emailed me a “To Whom It May Concern” letter reflecting the current replacement value.

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      Thanks for the replies!  Seems like in the past I have done just what you mentioned Zorro and Carolyn has always been helpful and quick in her responses.

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