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      Saw in a email from FBJ that Mr. Hoover had done a podcast  yesterday or day before……he was quoted by the editor of the FBJ………..Just wondering ???

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      That was a FBJ project, we had nothing to do with it Zorro. We don’t have an exclusive 🙂

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      We’ve talked a bit about our need to change to a non face-to-face arrangement to do our podcasts.  It’s been resisted, because a great deal of personal pleasure is derived from sitting with Richard, and catching up for a while before over a coffee, and after with lunch. But its become  VERY clear that it’ll be a while before we get another chance to sit down together and share a mic  in the shop –

      FBJ is in the business of doing this, so, they have a lot of experience – I mean, its their job, and its how they get payed. We have a few technical hurdles, and need to run a few tests, and we will, in time. We’ve all had to adjust to some new realities in every aspect of our lives, and we haven’t had the time to pick-up our series. The last time we had planned to get together and record the next one was the first shelter warning week we  had in the Bay Area, and this was the first event I had to cancel which made me realize how serious this all really was. Richard has had a lot of adjustments to supervise in the operation of SCGC, and I’m sure things changed there almost every day there, especially with a number of instruments in-process.

      But I haven’t had a chance to speak with anyone in the shop since then, don’t really know, and can only wish them all the best, We want to get back on doing more podcasts, and getting our tech together and running a couple tests will happen soon – The challenge is in doing the first one –

      I’ve heard Richard talk at a number of guitar shops and shows, and he always sounds great. Many, many thanks to FBJ for their help getting Richards message out there. As far as I’m concerned, every podcast that has anything at all to do with guitars should be beating down SCGCs doors to get Richard on their shows! And we have lots of time to listen!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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