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      Matt Hayden

      Some years ago, I played the F custom in the link below while visiting family in CT.

      At the time, we were deep into a new mortgage and didn’t have quite enough to spare for it….but check it out:

      Santa Cruz Custom F

      That’s about as good an instrument as has ever been made by anyone.   It was spectacular.   If you haven’t played a mahogany/spruce F, all I can say is the design works utterly brilliantly.


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      Old 97

      At Sylvan in January, I payed an F Cutaway EIR with Redwood top and Koa binding at Sylvan. Stunning volume and tone. When they get it right, it is the sonic equal of a Traugott.

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      Matt Hayden

      That’s exactly what I was getting at, and you said it in fewer words.   If/when I can, I want to replicate that guitar – it was that good.


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      It’s funny that you posted that – I’ve thought for some time that I’ve never seen a simple mahogany/spruce model F – just about every other wood combo imaginable, Eir, braz, koa, walnut, maple, sycamore – all with spruce – even maple/cedar, koa/koa, and mahogany/mahogany, but never mahogany/spruce –  I’m sure they’ve made a few, but other than that picture, I’ve not seen one anywhere –

      hopefully they made at least one with a 1-13/16” nut – and hopefully, someday, someone, will put it up for sale!  –   😀

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Matt Hayden

      That one had a neck you would love, Tad. It was literally a handful for me, but really a good shape.

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