The back of the neck on my D P/W is too sticky.

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      Certainly, high summer heat and humidity has more of an effect, but I’d like to find a remedy. Have tried Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish, a very temporary solution.

      I’ve read all kinds of posts about starting with naphtha to clean it off thoroughly, and then grey Scotchbrite scuffing followed by talcum powder, I’m a little concerned about messing up the existing finish.

      This particular D P/W is 12 to 15 years old.

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      Welcome to the forum RP

      Stay away from the belt sander until you get a second opinion

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      0000 steel wool followed by a good wipe down with clean cotton t shirt rag.     Talcum powder.  Does not sound like a  good idea.  Call the shop!!      Wash hands after all  BBQ sandwiches.

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      Called SCGC yesterday afternoon, Richard Hoover himself answered the phone! Had a very pleasant chat about potential causes of my sticky neck backside and prospective remedies.

      Last night I rubbed the back of the neck down with naphtha (very small amount on a paper towel) two times, followed by some buffing with 0000 steel wool (lots of icky white stuff came off onto the steel wool pad), followed by a good buffing with a clean white cotton T-shirt to clean up all the steel wool dust.

      Feels like a different guitar. Feels magnificent.

      Can I get a Hallelujah?

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      Great report. What were the potential causes?

      – Paul –

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      A combination of high heat / humidity and using a cleaner / polish that did not help, and built up in layers compounding the situation.

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      And a big AMEN!   Richard is the guitar  Sensei.   I think I speld that wridht

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