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      Going into the studio again on Monday, this time here in Laon.

      Gonna try recording a French song with a French engineer using my ultra limited French and Google translate.

      The song is called Santiano.  The melody is English.  The singer, Hughes Aufrey, wrote French lyrics for it.

      I’ll  be doing it a half step up from the above.  In Gm it will match the tonality and tempo of a tune I wrote and have already recorded.  I’ll bracket the song with the tune, which is called Windrush.

      Once this is in the can, it all gets mixed and mastered.  Then the hard parts start: admin, paying the fees, artwork, and replication.

      Hoping for a summer release, but not holding my breath!



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      WOW, quite the video

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      I’d hate to disagree.  😉

      If you do a search for the song, you get maybe three or four French versions and then a whole pile of German versions as done by rough looking medievalists. Entertaining.  🙂

      Musically at this point I’m just hoping to get the cadences right in the French lyrics. “J’en ramenerai plusier lingot” ain’t easy to sing.


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        Is it hard to sing through your nose ??

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        Don’t know.  I haven’t tried!


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      not easy to say either

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      I played the very rough mix for Claudine last night.  She’s happy with my pronunciations.  I’m happy with the vocal and rhythm tracks.  Not happy with the emando tracks.

      We spent a couple hours flailing about with the JBovier and the Arrow.  This is because I had not considered before-hand what to do with them.  My ears were asking for a telecaster, but I had left it at home!

      I took 6 instruments, a pedal board, an amp, and a gear bag.  On the way out the door I looked at the Tele and thought: Nahhhh.  (D’oh!)

      The proprietor/engineer of Le Studio de la Ville Basse is Remi Hiblot.  He’s a drummer and in a band called Sweet Scarlet.  His wife is the singer, his brother the bass player, and his dad is the guitar player.  (His mom is a percussionist and surplus to requirements I guess!) Remi’s English is limited to a couple phrases.  He cracked me up with his impression of an English-speaker speaking French with English pronunciations.  My French is BAD.  (Ever seen the Monuments Men? My French is no better than Mat Damon’s.)

      Instruments used:

      • SCGC custom Dreadnought (42BluegrassD)
      • Paul Hathway OM-1 (octave mandolin)
      • JBovier EMC-5, (5 string emando)

      Instruments taken but not used:

      • Arrow G5 5 string emando
      • Vessel F5 mandolin
      • Mix F5 mandolin

      Instruments not taken that might have been useful

      • Fender Squier Telecaster (1982)

      Hmmm…  I may have to remove the “mandolinist” from my email sig file.


      😀 Daniel


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      The tele isn’t that big, next time make sure you pack it! Cool report Daniel, thanks!

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