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      To all my Northern California friends….Stay Safe ….looks like your Fire Season is getting an early and roaring start.
      Our thoughts are with Y’All.
      If “There’s Fire On The Mountain…Run Boys Run”.

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      Frozen Rat

      Yes, by all means don’t take any chances.

      Down here near the bay area the smoke is thick tonight. I can’t even go outside without it burning my eyes. I can only imagine what it’s like further north of here.

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      Hope all of my California friends are safe.

      I know Paradise and I’m deeply saddened not only by the devastation but by certain responses to it.

      Watch out for people with respiratory issues in the Bay Area!


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      Matt Hayden

      It’s quite smoky still.  My wife’s asthma is flaring.  I’ve seen a lot of compassion and assistance already flowing to the victims of the fire….and, along with Daniel, some responses which are less so.

      Hoping the first responders can get this under control soon.

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      Neil Young’s house in Malibu is gone plus many others not so well known, please rain.

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      Frozen Rat

      I can’t walk outside to my car without coughing and I’m 100+ miles away from one of the large fires. There’s a couple smaller ones nearby but not close enough to worry. After a school event two days ago we came out to ash on our car. I can only imagine what it’s like nearby the fire.

      Santa Cruz 00 — Goodall 000 — Martin 00-28

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      Old 97

      It just hit Bakersfield.

      no bike riding until it clears up.

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