Spectrum Strings on Koa 12 string.

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      Put a set of Sepectrum Bronze w/ silk wrap .010-.o50 on the Taylor Koa 12 yesterday. Tuned down D to D.

      I think Elixers were on before.

      The Spectrums are very clear with less overtones…….slightly less sustain but better note separation .

      NO buzzing in D to D tuning……….much louder in standard 440 than previous strings.

      Barre chords are same feel……maybe slightly more finger pressure needed for “clean” notes with the Spectrums.

      BY the WAY…..restringing a 12 string is WORK. The Spectrums are supposed to be the longest lasting/playing available…..I hope so…..Spectrums are made in Austria and are not inexpensive.

      Wonder if SCGC will produce a 12 string set…..I would try those.

      All in all I like them.

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      I’m gonna need new strings on the 12 sooner than later – I’ll see how you feel about these in a month or so –

      Richard said baritone strings and a 12 string set were on the drawing board, but I’m sure he has his hands full getting the shop back up to whatever will be considered “normal” –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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