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      Matt Hayden

      I’ve been thinning the herd a bit hither and yon and have cleared out the inexpensive things, mostly.  Most of the basses are gone, the inexpensive acoustics, some of the electrics that I can part with without offending the people who gave them to me, speaker cabs, that sort of stuff.

      Now it’s time to start moving the more valuable kit, which are almost all more expensive acoustics.

      I’m trying to decide where the right place to sell is – here, AGF, Reverb, EBay, consignment, something else?  The last big thing I sold (on eBay) was over a decade ago, and the world has changed since then.

      So if you’re trying to move >$2.5k instruments, what’s the CW on where to find safe transactions & max value?


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      Matt Hayden

      The goal is, I think, to reduce the herd – or maybe the horde – to a couple of steel strings, a classical, two basses (upright and electric), and a couple of electrics that cover the range (SSS/HH/T/P90), gtr amp, bass amp/cab, and small PA.

      It’s harder to get rid of stuff than it is to get it…..


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      The classified ads on Mandolin Cafe are exceptionally good.  Lots of high dollar stuff, and they are free.
      Sometimes people add 2% to the asking price and donate that back to the cafe.

      Hope you and Beth are well!


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      John Frink

      I’ve had good luck with consignment sales, first with Mandolin Bros. and now with Artisan Guitars. Both top-drawer in my book. Mandolin n=54, Artisan n=22.



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      Mandolin Cafe is great for acoustics, I’ve gotten some good electric deals there as well, support them with 2% of the sale, Scott is a great guy.

      The Gear Page if you stand the attitude and the heat.

      Reverb for high end stuff, almost 8-10 % fees right now, no paypal payout, you get Reverb bucks and then they go to your account

      Ebay is great if you have a good price on things and give an accurate description.

      Facebook market place is pretty good as well as Craiglist if you want to sort out the scammers

      It’s a crazy world out there right now, honest descriptions and quick shipping are very important.  and oh yea….partscasters are just about 25% of what you have in them.

      my .02

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      Matt you’re initial post about covers the assorted hangs for selling . Of those Mandolin Cafe, AGF, Reverb and your local CL’S are what I use..Reverb seems to have the strongest market share presently.. You’ll need to pad  and add to your price. 8%  includes = 5% REVERB , 2.5% PPL.+ or –        The shipping and insurance through reverb is lower than going direct .

      ALWAYS Fully disclose condition.!!!! Sold as is condition. Beware of weekend tire kickers…

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