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      Maple St Guitars monthly newsletter came today, thought this might be of interest to the forum.

      Since I own one of each it caught my attention. Main diffs in this demo is that my VJ in Sitka and my CJ is Red Spruce (adi).


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      Thanks for sharing the video, bert.

      Not news:  The SCGC every time.
      Collings guitars just sound tight to me.  The SCGC has a deeper ‘smile’ curve in the EQ (more bass and brighter treble).



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      Daniel, I completely agree, the VJ just nailed that demo. I’ve been playing both builders for 15+ yrs,

      Collings are always tighter new, then, in time they settle in. My CJ never caught up with my VJ until I recently put on the SCGC Parabolic Norms, but even then they are still very diff vibes.

      I have been about to sell the CJ a zillion times but the SCGC strings have changed that,

      thank you SCGC.  bert

      btw – (I know John doing the demo, Maple St has some fine guitar players and they love some SCGC)

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      Nice Bert…thanks…I didn’t know Maple Street had a branch in Australia

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      Rich, I’ll ask the Maple St owners if they has started giving Didjeridu lessions… huh?

      eeee yea, bert


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