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      Spoke with the “Mothership” today and was told that SCGC string sets (DADGAD ,12 string and Baritone) will be released toward the “End Of The Year” with Baritone sets being released before the others……..That’s what I was told.

      I need to restring the 12er way before then….any suggestions ? The Spectrum set did not last as long as I had hoped…. The “Natural” A and D strings sound like a green coconut falling on old coral rock …….. ‘Dull Thud”


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      You might try the d’Addario’s xs strings

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      I haven’t tried the XS on a 12 string, but I have tried a set on a Sexauer guitar I have – and they aren’t bad at all. I can’t speak to their longevity, since I know that my SCGC strings give me great service life, but the have good tone so far. The set I got at a local shop cost me near as much as a set of SCGC, so unless they come down in price, I’m not inclined to pursue them further – but until the SCGC 12 string set comes along, the XS or maybe the Nanowebs might be good options –

      I have a 12 string XS set I ordered but haven’t installed yet – maybe this weekend I’ll take the time to do that –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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