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      Brad Maestas

      Hello all,

      I am the proud new owner of a beautiful new OO in Moon Spruce and East Indian Rosewood. The first Santa Cruz I ever played was a OO owned by husband/wife friends who were avid players and collectors. This was back in 1995. I was floored by the comfort, the big sound, the playability, and of course the fit and finish. Since then I have mainly been a professional double bassist, electric bassist, and mandolinist but I’ve always recorded and played guitar at home. I’ve always wanted to have a Santa Cruz of my own and I was finally able to make it happen earlier this week. During the pandemic I have been a luthier at Kala making ukuleles and uke basses and I am very much looking forward to playing music out in public again. My wife and I moved out to Petaluma (from Oakland and Brooklyn before that) right when the pandemic hit so we haven’t really been able to fully experience our new city. All in due time. I just received my second shot this afternoon!

      Here’s a shot of my two newcomers, a stellar Collings D1 and the OO.

      Collings D1, SCGC OO

      Here are some more stablemates, a Martin 00-28 Standard and Martin Custom OM-28 HHG Adi/Guat RW

      Martin 00-28 Standard, Martin Custom OM-28

      I’m very glad to finally be a Santa Cruz guitar owner and I can’t wait to visit the shop once it opens back up!

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      Welcome to the West Cost Brad, thanks for posting some real beauties

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