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      just on my way back home from a biz trip in Anaheim, and on our way out of town swung by LA Guitar Sales & McCabes –

      LA Sales has a really good selection of instruments, but they also have some very choice SCs – My lust for was the Braz OM42 – but I am hard pressed to put out that change right now. The one I had to quickly talk myself out of was their OMG mahogany/Adirondack – definitely what I love to hear, although they had another OMG in eir that was pretty good too –

      McCabes was an experience – if I had to live in LA, I’d try to live near them just for the cool vibe – not much in  SCs ( a nice eir F, but another darn narrow nut!) so I just had to buy a strap lock and guitar stand, ‘cause I had to give them some biz –

      both worth an afternoon if you find yourself bored in LA!!

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      Ahhh, temptation! I just received a picture from Carolyn of my OMG hanging in the Cure chamber (facing guitar), but it looks like there’s a nice mahogany (I think?) guitar hanging right behind it. Beautiful instruments built by a great company.

      – Paul –

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      Looks like a mahogany ’29, your OMG, and some beautiful koa on an all koa H13 maybe? Its clearly in good company!

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