SC Jumbo?

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      Acoustic Soul

      Has SC ever made a jumbo like the everly brothers or anything?  Maple or mahogany … was just curious.  I know a lot of times they’re not very desirable, but in my travels I came across a few good ones in the past year or two… I thought if they were a little more better they might have been something really cool.  I’ve never seen a Santa Cruz one before, but I don’t know much history before 2009

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      That would be a great question for Richard – I would guess that at some time they have built one (or more) – they have made acoustic basses, baritones, 17” jazz guitars, mandocellos, so a jumbo would not be very far out of the imagination –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Acoustic Soul

      Interesting, I wish I could hear a 17″ jazz guitar from Santa Cruz.  .  .  I’m finding arch tops , roy smecks, and jumbos are kind of what I gravitate to…. still love the H13 I started out on and my OM Grand, but these are the guitars in the past 4-5 years that I have really enjoyed playing at stores on road trips.  If they made a 17″ archtop I would definitely think they’ve done a jumbo.  No telling how much an archtop would cost now, probably as much as a 34?

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      “Get out your check book”

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      Acoustic Soul

      Haha, I know I’m sure it would be a very large number

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