Sausalito mud slides

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      Saw on the news that our Northern Ca. friends are having a bit of foul weather.
      How are the roads in and out of Santa Cruz?
      The news showed mudslides in Sausalito….Please tell me that the “No Name Bar” is still standing and serving Anchor Steam Beer on Draft.
      Might be some interesting wood found under the mud in about 5,000 years.
      Stay Safe Mates.

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      Matt Hayden

      It’s a bit messy. 17 over the mountains was closed today for a bit, and 9 is supposedly having issues.  The freeway near us was a lake during my commute.

      I suspect that some prime redwood is now packed into mud that will become instruments in a couple of millennia for sure…..

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      We had a HUGE band around 10 last night…can’t wait to see what that was when the sun comes up

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      We’ve got so much mud n muck up here on horse hill I’m thinking maybe burying some Koa for a decade and see what gives.  Maybe not.  MORE RAIN N SNOW ON THE WAY.  The blue Pacific is looking quite brown from all the river runoff.  Some great driftwood floating around though.

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