Santa Cruz Fires ??

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      To ALL our Santa Cruz friends…..Please keep us informed about the S.C fires and if the Mothership or any of you are in danger.

      I would offer to take care of any guitars you might want to send to S.W. Florida but………..we have a Hurricane due here next Mon. or Tues.. At least that’s  the forecast  at the moment.

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      Hank, thank you for your concern, it’s really bad here, right now the evacuation line is the City of Santa Cruz on the north, here’s a link you can follow what’s going on

      People in Santa Cruz are packing their cars and vans now, it’s not going to get any better for a couple of days, the sky is orange and it’s chunky with ash and debris and we’re 45 miles to the south, think good thoughts everyone, this is going to get ugly. I’ll try to update the forum as possible.

      We’ll make it

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      Old 97

      Ten years ago SCGC presented Scott Law and Bill Nershi at the Big Basin Winery. There were at least a dozen different guitars they played that night. It was magical in every possible musical way.

      the Winery currently evacuated.

      I hope it can survive,

      Aug 11, 2010 | Blog
      This Friday Night, Aug 13th!


      Friday, August 13th 8pm
      Big Basin Vineyards
      Boulder Creek, California (Map)

      Join us for a unique and personal troubador-style evening of entertainment as String Cheese Incident frontman, Bill Nershi,   and  west coast guitar virtuoso Scott Law sample and play an exclusive selection of Santa Cruz Guitars at Big Basin Vineyards outside of Santa Cruz. You will have the opportunity to learn about the entire Santa Cruz line, as well as sample a variety of some of the best ultra-premium wine being produced on the west coast. $25 (Buy tickets)// 21+ or w/ adult

      We are honored to be co-hosting an extremely special event this Friday night with our friends at Sylvan Music and the Big Basin Winery. Nothing like combining two of our favorite things! Scott and Bill stopped by the shop this afternoon to begin the guitar tasting process and pick what they will be playing for the show.

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      I video taped that show,  I remember spending 2 hours color correcting my cameras because of the windows, and 15 seconds into the show somebody leaned on the light switch and turned everything off, but the video is rockin…..I do remember that after 2 1/2 hours of show they had a hard time with House of the Rising Sun, but they totally rocked the night

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      Sorry to hear the sad news, thank you for the update.  It’s incredibly sad to see the destruction and ongoing challenges that 2020 is bringing.  I live in the San Joaquin Valley in CA, and we have bags packed just in case we need to evacuate as well.

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