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      Welcome to the 12th Santa Cruz Coffee Break, Zoomin with Richard Hoover. This is a Q&A format with some great info inside. We didn’t have time to get all your questions in but have no fear, we’ll get them in the next one. Here’s the YouTube link….soundcloud below as well. Richard mentions a link for string tension and that is included also:

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      A morning fishing at sunrise and an afternoon with with the three of Y’all….perfect.

      The answers were complex , complete and understandable.

      Thanks to both Richards and Tad……looking forward to the next ones.

      You mention that this was the 12th podcast…. I don’t remember viewing that many . Is there a site that might have them all ?

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      Thanks gentlemen for another informative podcast.  There’s a whole lotta info between 22;00 min. And 32:00. Wow!

      Polymerization, reduced tension in assembly and dedampening.    School is in session.

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      Just great content and details that are broadening my understanding and keeping my grey matter from getting too soft. 🙂

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      Hi Hank,

      They are all listed in this forum, just keep going backward and you’ll find them all. They are also on Soundcloud under “Lunch with Otis” or Santa Cruz Coffee Break

      #13 is right around the corner on this Tuesday the 22nd and it’s a barn burner….stay tuned

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