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      Well folks, here ya go, our first video podcast……we’re a little rough but it’s great to get back in the saddle, Here is the you tube link since it’s a WORLD PREMIER there is a count down for a couple of minutes, sorry it’s all YouTube

      and here is the soundcloud link, hope you enjoy

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      I would just like to say….You three old farts sound like the Conservative Men’s Club gathering on the courthouse bench in some small town bemoaning what has become of the world you once knew……I loved it and could not agree with Y’all more……..Age and responsibility cannot be denied……That was fun.

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      Oh Yea…Where are the Coffee Cups ??

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      I’ve had to run out and do a couple emergency lock jobs this afternoon, so I haven’t had a chance to see how we did, but I can say right now that it was really wonderful to be able to talk with these guys again, and I am really looking forward to more!

      now – get off my lawn!

      oh – and I have asked my son to work on the graphics for the cup some more –  soon, I hope –

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      Matt Hayden

      That’s a pretty good Zoom, Watching it now, seems like you’ve started out on the right foot.

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      That was fun, thanks guys. What’s next is a great question. As an instructor in physical sciences I always wished we had invented & perfected hologram technology as a learning & communication tool — along with sensory capacity like smell, air movement, etc. great job as always.

      – Paul –

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      Once again A MOST ENJOYABLE WATCH .    I enjoyed the the more positive take away that,  there is a silver lining to every dark cloud , a lesson to be learned, to make lemonade from your lemons.  That the collection of consequences ultimately offers us the self realization of wisdom.    Thanks gentleman Richard,Richard and Tadol.

      Looking forward to the next podcast.



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      Acoustic Soul

      I really enjoyed the first four or five podcasts, since then I haven’t had time to sit down with an empty mind and listen to any of them – miserably busy when most people are bored and locked down

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      Really appreciate you guys doing this, great job.   bert

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      So nice to hear this podcast again, thanks to you guys for the time and work you put in to it.  Having a visual was a nice element!

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