Santa Cruz Coffee Break Lunch with Richard Hoover #2 Richard in Nashville

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      Well Kids,

      Here’s #2, sit back have a cup and let Richard take you on his trip to Summer NAMM.  Here’s a few links that he talks about this month…..Thanks for listening, see you next month   Music provided by Daniel and Eric          Enjoy and pick on!

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      That was great. I happened to see this come over the wire as I headed off to change some strings. Appropriate for the task. It was interesting as always. Thank you.

      Funny thing — I was listening with headphones. During the podcast I heard a dog bark and thought my daughter had come by with her dog. I ran down the stairs calling her, but there was no answer. After scratching my head a bit I realized it must have been at your end. Please tell me there was a dog on the podcast…

      – Paul –

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      Maybe there was a dog…maybe not…The SCGC shop is very dog friendly

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      Very enjoyable .. Yes there was a dog.  Oil rubbed neck finishes would be an interesting follow up.  Varnish does seem to cure very slowly and feels like it never quite gets to the dry ,fast feel of  Santa Cruz’s nitro finish..  Talc.   Very interesting.

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      Sorry for the delay in thanking Both Richards and Tad for bringing us a second edition of the Coffee Break.

      I have had computer issues for the last week……I have come to believe that Digital devices are a lot like woman….you know the rest.

      Just like the first edition I enjoyed the second.

      It would be interesting if we SCGPF members could know when the next session with Mr. Hoover might take place and have us submit questions to “Otis” in real time.

      Of course we would submit the questions via this forum and so would have to be members in good standing and the Moderators or Mr. Hoover himself could peruse the submissions prior to commenting/or not.

      Might bring a bit of member participation to the event.

      Thanks for taking the time to do the “Event”….always learn a bit from them.

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        I love the idea of live interaction, but we’re still working our way up the tech chain – I hope you all noticed the improvement in audio quality with this new one, and our tech director RN has identified a couple more things we’ll try next time to make it even better – I think our next challenges include carrying on the podcast while wandering around the shop, and recording on the road. Baby steps, everyone –

        We’ve been recording these sitting in the front lobby of the shop, so you may very well hear dogs, delivery drivers, employees, and even visiting customers in the background.  Generally, RN does his expert editing to eliminate, or at least minimize, these background noises – but sometimes you just can’t –

        We love getting questions and ideas for discussion – but we’re also not trying to make a SCGC marketing piece – this is about Richard Hoover, and a chance for him to interact with lots more people than he otherwise has the opportunity to do. This means we’re not likely to talk about specific SCGC policies, but definitely discuss Richards feelings about guitars and woods and players, etc.  Since Richard is the primary driving force behind SCGC, there will be a lot of overlap, but anyone who has has a chance to talk with Richard knows he has a tremendous reservoir of experience and history that he is happy to share – and we love to hear it.

        We give Richard a little heads up on the general topic of a podcast, but we don’t want something scripted, so I like to ask questions that may lead us into areas that weren’t planned, but brings a bit of spontaneity and insight we might otherwise miss.  Like the origin of the script font for the ‘29 series – such a great story! If we have a question that might require some background or investigation, we’d definitely let Richard have a chance to get that together beforehand – but others, we may try to get his opinion and action as he processes the idea –

        We really are trying to refine and finesse our format and process, and truly appreciate all comments, suggestions, and complaints you might have. Yes, it takes a village –  and we’re just happy to be the local village idiots!

        Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Matt Hayden

      I heard a dog, but it could have been a coyote. IJS….

      Good podcast, guys. Can’t wait for the next one.

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      Just to keep things simple, Let’s record these questions on the phone and email them directly to me. Message me for my email as I don’t want to publicly post it here…..we’ll make this happen

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      Well done guys!


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