Santa Cruz Coffee Break #28 Zoomin’ with Richard Hoover

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      Hello Forum,

      Here’s the next installment, this time with the Master Richard Hoover. Richard talks about “The Beginner’s Mind” along with some great new products in the string line. Hope you enjoy this one, lots of great info from RH here. Richard also goes into detail about building guitars for Tony Rice.

      Hope you enjoy!

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      The early stories and personal contacts of Richard Hoover are the building blocks of SCGC….. “Thanks for the memories” Richard.

      I enjoyed it.

      Looking forward to having you string the 75th 000 with the new DADGAD strings.

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      Thanks again Rich, Tad, and Mr Hoover.

      Listening to Richard talk about the late 70s brought back some great memories for that time period when I was living in Santa Cruz.  My one time with Richard was memorable.

      My 74′ D18 had a setup issue, a friend said let’s take it over to Richard, I had no idea of who he was talking about but, let’s go. Richard asked me to come back tomorrow and it would be ready. Went back the next day and the D18 never played so good. All the SC local players told me that Richard was a great guy, truth be told.

      Your Zoomin with Richard proved that my 74yr old memories are still good, just don’t ask me where I left my car keys this morning. The thing I remembered so vividly in Richards shop was mandolins being built. In this clip, Richard said that the mandolin he built for Darol Anger is how he met Tony Rice ! I had never heard the name Tony Rice in those days but listened to David Grisman all the time!

      Fast forward ~ 20yrs later, I had no idea Richard was building guitars but I bought a SCGC Tony Rice model because it was the best guitar I had ever played, from there I got caught up to speed.

      thanks again you zoomin guys, goin to go wobulate for a while, maybe check out my VJ for warble. 🙂   bert

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