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      Greetings Forum,

      What a podcast we have for you, this time it’s James Nash. James career has been stellar. From the Waybacks to The Nomads and the Nashvillians James has been honored in 2017 by Guitar Player as one of “50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists,”  We are so very excited to share this with you. James is a Homespun artist with “Teaching the Acoustic Guitar to Rock” and a new one in the works “Acoustic Guitar on the Edge.”  Let’s get to it.

      Youtube Link


      And you all really need to watch this one, watch the whole thing

      Hope you enjoy this fantastic artist, support him where and when you can.

      All the best!

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      Once Y’all Got through with that Foreign Talk’en bout that there Electrical mumbo jumbo ….

      Just kidding ….really enjoyed James. His love for his music and his playing and most of all Richard Hoover and the guitars he builds really shines through.

      I love his comment about getting beyond “Thinking” while playing……..Hell, I thought there was something wrong with me when I went all S.O.C. while playing on my guitars.

      Great job Richard & Tad….Thank You .

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      Thanks Hank….it’s pretty informative on how to amplify a fine acoustic guitar. More comin’ we hope

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      James was an amazing person to talk to – and I was particularly struck by how well he understands his guitar, his set-up, his sound, and his style. It was exceptionally great to hear someone who wasn’t following the ” measure this, measure that, and these are the numbers you want or its unacceptable” train of thought.  I wish I had his DVD, but I may just download the video and try not to lose it – although his Stanford Engineering comes thru in his equipment setup and understanding, so I’ll see if I’m capable of grokking it –

      Every artist we’ve talked to has had so much to offer, and I’d love to do follow ups with all of them, but James has an almost unique ability to verbalize some of the areas that we, frequently, subconsciously appreciate about SCGC, the guitars, and the unique abilities Richard has to understand what a player could benefit from in a guitar –  we absolutely need to get him back again, preferably in person  –


      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      WOW!  What a joyous happy vibrant and informative listen with James Nash

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