Santa Cruz Coffee Break #20 Zoomin’ with Keith Greeninger

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      Greetings forum,

      What a treat this is. Musician and producer Keith Greeninger talks about his SCGC guitar, being a songwriter and producer. Keith also goes deep on his commitment to community, the song and humanity, a real treat from an amazing singer songwriter. Hope you enjoy and please support Keith where you can. Lins to his website an Facebook page are included.



      Keith’s website

      Keith Greeninger music Facebook

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      Most enjoyable .. Keith is quite the poetic Troubador in a time that needs his humanitarian voice.“Hop in the Truck”

      and join this songwriter soulful heart ..  His CD recordings are a must have in your collection .

      Thanks Richard n Tad

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      Thanks for introducing me to this artist who was previously unknown to me.

      Another great episode.

      I’m sure you get these (unsolicited) all the time, but I have a podcast episode suggestion.  I’d love to see some interviews with the luthiers of SCGC, both longtime and relatively recent arrivals.  I’d be curious to know what brought them to SCGC, what keeps them there, what have the learned from Richard, favorite aspect of luthier work, etc.

      Again, appreciate all the time and effort you put into the podcast!

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