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      Here’s the Soundcloud link

      Here’s the Youtube link

      Here is our first real Santa Cruz Guitar Players podcast with SCGC player Adam Traum. Let’s support Adam and his current project. Sorry for the dropouts, we are still in a fire zone here!

      Adam Traum is a Santa Cruz Guitar Player, songwriter, video producer, instructor, devoted husband, father, dog lover with an amazing musical legacy. Here’s Adam’s 411, let’s give him some support!

      Homespun artist page:…


      Patreon: AdamTraum

      My Indiegogo page:…

      Soundcloud: adamtraummusic

      Homespun titles: Basic Mandolin for Guitar Players, Basic Ukulele for Guitar Players (1 and 2), Blues Guitar with a Flatpick (1 and 2), Electric Guitar for Beginners, Take the Lead! Easy Steps to Begin Creating Guitar Solos, E Blues Double-stops (single), Saint James Infirmary Blues (single) and “Moonshiner” (single lesson).

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Adam sounds like a very level headed human . Thoughtful , kind and concerned ..  The idea of the metronome helping with your ability to listen and feel the meter is interesting . Not just the mechanical gear tik tok ing you emotionless.</p>
      Woodstock and those that he grew up around musically is an awesome story in itself.   Somewhere in my ancient tape library , of musical instruction, is a Homespun lesson with both Happy and Artie Traum possibly John Sebastian.


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      Thanks Dig! It’s a new idea and a very interesting look into the players roots, we have some pretty exciting stuff coming up

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      I  agree with Digdog,,,,,Adam seem to have had a very grounded and small town upbringing…..well other than Dylan, Helms , Sabastian and his old man influencing the world around him.

      Really well done Tad and Richard……Y’all are raising the bar with every production…..Many Thanks….I look forward to each of them.

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      Life is a journey…not a guided tour,
      The Bay,The Gulf Stream , The Open Ocean are particular about who they share their secrets with.

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      Podcast Update!

      Adam’s new music is out and it’s great, here’s a link, hope you support him on this

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