Santa Cruz Coffee Break #10 Lunch with Otis Zoomin’ with Carolyn Sills

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      Greetings Members,

      Welcome to Podcast #10, this month we’re Zoomin’ With Carolyn Sills, so here we go! Here’s the Youtube Link:

      And the Soundcloud link for audio only:

      And here’s the Facebook link so you can enjoy some of the videos submitted by SCGC customers:

      Enjoy…see you soon


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      Richard Hoover is the soul of Santa Cruz Guitars and Carolyn Sills is the heart.

      Great podcast Richard and Tad. Great insight into the continuing adaptation of the Homo Sapian 6 string picker.

      Really well done.

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      Life is a journey…not a guided tour,
      The Bay,The Gulf Stream , The Open Ocean are particular about who they share their secrets with.

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      Great episode of the podcast; Carolyn is super cool and fun.

      BTW: I’m enjoying the opportunity to listen to the podcast and also watch it on YouTube.  Thanks for the content.

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      Very nice Zoom podcast.  Great to see all your faces.  Hope to see more video podcast in the future.  Thanks for the hard work you put into these podcasts.

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      Very nice guys. It’s great to see you while you talk. Now for 2 very important questions.

      1- are those picture backdrops or are you in those specific locations?

      2- and Tad, did you walk into a door or were you clearing brush?

      – Paul –

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      Hassome……of course those are real…picture background..we got a lot, better than looking at my messy office

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      Thank you guys and Carolyn for this special production.  bert

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