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      The height of the city of Laon’s power was between 800 and 1300CE, when the cathedral was built and France was new.  They built fortifications as well to protect themselves from the east.  There was a rebellion in there somewhere too.  Might have had to do with the papal schism.  My knowledge of the history of this are is very light, a condition I look forward to rectifying.

      My new rehearsal studio is in the vaults of a 13th century fort.  Note the arrow slits behind the glass windows.

      Swords into ploughshares::fortifications into artspaces.

      Kids had a grand time on someone’s drum kit.



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      Right.  Well… practised with a full PA on my own last night in the room in the photo below with the mandolin below (but not the amp).  Ran the mando through my Orchid Preamp and straight into he PA.  The pickup is a hand wound Kent Armstrong.  So it’s got plenty of juice.  Sounded great.  Kind of a Chet Atkins thing.

      I’m practising/rehearsing for my first gig here in Laon.  Have done a festival in Revelles, near Amiens, and a couple of pub gigs in Guise.  But nothing nearer to home yet, and nothing significant since I’ve moved here.  So this’ll be a début of sorts.

      I’m trying get back into playing shape if you see what I mean.  (It has been a while with the move and everything.)  And I’m incorporating the new instrument into the set.  It’s going to replace the 8 string mandos on a lot of material.

      So last night was the first time in a long time I spent 3 hours thinking of nothing else but exactly what I am doing musically.  Spent the first hour sorting out the rig and playing a bit of Telecaster.  (For some reason I’m falling in love with tremolo.  Have no idea why.)  The second hour was me on the 5 string playing through things, reaching for chords, trying out inversions, etc.  Third hour I started putting it all together.  And that’s when I started feeling like a musician again.  <phew!>  I was afraid I had lost it.

      Back in on Sunday night.  Might FB live some of it to let friends in CA see what’s going on.  🙂


      mando and amp

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      Very cool Daniel.
      Is there a lot of echo off the stone walls?
      By the way your kids are beautiful….i haven’t seen a picture of your wife but I’m sure they take after her. !!!

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      Hi Zorro,

      You’d think there would be an echo, but it’s not detectable.  The stone is variegated and porous, and each block is less than a millimetre off set from its neighbours, but off set nonetheless.  These factors probably kill any standing waves.



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      Really cool vibes in there…..I bet you can tune in some pretty interesting inspiration

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