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      we can’t do live questions on the podcast, but MAYBE we can offer a couple recorded ones –

      obviously, we want the questions to be relatively simple and brief (especially at the beginning) and we need to try and record them and have them uploadable in a clear format –

      SO – if you think you have a good phone connection and a good trial question, drop me a PM and we’ll try recording it, and see if we can make it work with our next podcast. Remember, our goal is not just SC promotion, but to give Richard a chance to talk and share some of his knowledge about all things guitar, although he also is the best person to ask about historical SC or other builders work.

      No guarrantees – but lets give it a try – look forward to hearing from someone!    Tad

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      Maybe we could send sound files from our mobile phones?


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      Just to keep things simple, Let’s record these questions on the phone and email them directly to me. Message me for my email as I don’t want to publicly post it here…..we’ll make this happen

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      Yup -mobile phone recordings seem to be pretty good – we have one to try, so we’ll all see how well it works!

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