Questions about original bridge pin and neck up guitar support concern

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      Hello all, if I could ask for two bits of advice.

      I have not yet been able to connect with Santa Cruz directly via email or voicemails.

      I recently came home with Beautiful a standard (as opposed to custom) 2019 OMPW and one of the bridge pins is not original.

      Where can I find the type of bridge pin that was original to the guitar? Or, any recommendations for “better” bridge pins?

      Also, do I need to be concerned about using the neck up guitar support (The same one as used by Eric Skye)? I’m a bit confused about the finish and possible concerns with its potential interaction with the suction cup.



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      Good Morning Robert,

      Thanks for checking in here. If you have emailed SCGCF, they will get back to you, rest assured. SCGC should be able to provide you with a Bridge pin. Bridge pins are a pretty deep rabbit hole, We’ll ask Richard on a podcast his feelings about them, I’m sure it will be enlightening.  I’ve been around Eric’s #1 for about 8-10 years, I haven’t seen any finish damage from it, just my experience.  Thanks for jumping in, I’m sure you’ll get some answers.

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      The neck-up wont cause any problems to finish, unless you leave it stuck on your guitar for long period of time – days or weeks or more. But if you remove it after each session, wipe your guitar down, you should be fine –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Matt Hayden

      I’ve used a neck-up for close to two decades without any issues.  Just keep it clean and don’t leave it stuck on.

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