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      Hello. I’m thinking about buying a VA but I wanted to get a sense of how thick/thin the neck profile is? Is it thin and sleek like say a Martin D35? Thick and chunky like a Gibson or Guild? I couldn’t really find any info on the site (unless I missed it). Any help would be appreciated-thanks in advance!

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      Welcome Holly9000, I’m know you get the info here, welcome!

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      Welcome!  If its new, or you plan to order it, email or call the shop to see whats standard, and what options they can offer you.   If you’ve found a used instrument, you can have them look up the serial no to see if theres any indication on its build card if its something other than stock – they do tend to make a fair number of customs. Beyond that, I do not have any first hand experience with the VA, only the VS, and this one has a custom 1-¾” neck, so that doesn’t really help with anything –  sorry –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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