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      I just ran across this as I look for a case for my 52 CF-100, a friend just got one delivered and he’s over the moon, check it out, looks really cool, 10 custom cases a month…yoozer

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      As I store my guitars in display cases(so I can enjoy the artistry of wood and steel and climate balance)  I would love to fine a case maker that I can stack the cases into some form of functional furniture….instead of hearing from my lovely wife about how much space I am taking up in our shared walk-in closet……but those ARE nice looking……If I could just find some way to make them into a dining room table for 6 !!!

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      Those are some pretty sweet looking cases! But, I couldn’t find a price anywhere – I hope its not one of those “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” things –

      I have fallen in love with Visesnut cases – their basic model, the ”Active” series, are reasonably affordable, but they are incredibly light-weight, and their internal strap size adjustment system make them easily fit a variety of sizes of guitars quite snugly, the rubber edges make sure your guitar will never get “bit” by a case latch, and they weigh so little, you have to double check if your guitar is in there! They are strong enough that you can stand on them – and the basic “OM” size will fit a F, a FTC, a 000, an OM, and I can even fit one of my mini-dreads in as well. If I were to find a fault with them, the center pocket is so small, you can barely fit an extra set of strings in there. Luckily, if I wind my strap up super tight, it fits in the cutaway space of my F when I take it to play out, and a tuner and capo will fit in the center pocket fine –

      i think they are worth a look if you want a really nice case –

      If we could get enough people to go in on a 8 pack –  😉

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      Very nice Samsonite like cases. They look sharp. Plenty shekels for sure.

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      Matt Hayden

      Visenuts are awesome. I want to get one of their OM cases.

      I have a couple of Caltons and they’re both great.

      The most expensive one was a custom Mark Leaf back in the day.  It was nice but it barely fit into my Toyota….

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