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      Matt Hayden

      Rick Turner posted this on FB yesterday – looks as thought CITES may relax some rules regarding musical instruments containing rosewoods etc across transnational borders.
      Note that this is only CITES II, so Braz would still be forbidden from transnational trade, but it would create an exemption that wold roll back the worst of the all-dalbergia rosewood prohibition for musical instruments.

      Breakthrough at Latest CITES Meeting

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      Thanks Matt……really important info here

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      YIS SIR RI.  Hopefully good news for future sales across the globe.  I’ve had to turn down three international sales due to the ROSEWOOD restrictions across international borders…   Thanks Matt H.

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      Good to know, love my Rosewood guitars.

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      It will be interesting to see –

      I just had a brief vacation in Italy, and while at the Cremona Music Festival ran into the Madinter booth, a spanish company, which had brought some extremely nice, very well quarter sawn sets of Madagascar rosewood to the show. The price was quite reasonable (for the quality) and it did cost me about $100 for paperwork and shipping, but they sent me 3 sets and it went right thru US customs without a hitch. Well, a little hitch – they didn’t fill out all the paperwork quite right, so I got a call from Customs and I had to help them get a few lines filled in and then, it was no hitch – delivered to me a few days later.  But now –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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