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      Matt Hayden

      Last year, a friend gave me an unusual early classical made by a Palo Alto builder, Jean Pierret.   The shape is reminiscent of an old Gibson L-0 with an large round lower bout, so it’s a strange design for a classical.  But it sounds great and once I got past a few minor issues – a few fret issues, a finish issue – it’s become the go-to nylon string here at Chez Niles.

      But the shape makes it weird to hold.   Like an old L-0, the smallish round lower bout makes it hard to hold; it slides around like a cat.

      So I’m trying to decide whether or not to put strap buttons on it and play it with a strap a la Buster B or Thom Bresh.   The classical players in my life are aghast at the idea – it’s a handmade classical! That’s desecration!   (That last is a literal quote) —  but in the interest of getting non-purists’ thoughts, I’m asking here.  What would you do?  Add the buttons and use it on a strap or figure out how to adapt to the shape?

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      Tony Mottola played his classical with a pick…. don’t listen to traditionalist, they are full of it quite often.

      bert  🙂

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      I say go with the strap.  Ergonomics is so important when preventing injury, I think in the long run you’ll be glad you bucked tradition.

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      Matt Hayden

      I’ve decided to go ahead an install strap buttons.  I figure that I can always fill it later if I need to…..

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