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      Barber Derek

      Hopefully the above link to my SoundCloud page will work.  I have a mostly 1 man band recording project going under the name “Redwood Sky,” but let me explain why it is so special to me.

      In spring of 2019 my Mom suddenly had a massive stroke, 6 months later she was gone.  She was a single mom, a tough cookie, and the 1 constant in my life.  I wrote 9 songs over the course of the year after her stroke to help me through the emotions and grief.  After my Mom died I discovered she had left some money for me.  My wife encouraged me to do something truly meaningful with the money since it would be “my last gift from my Mom.”

      My wife and I eventually made our way to SCGC where Richard and Carolyn helped me to design a tribute guitar to my Mom.  A 00 based on the Eric Skye model featuring a Sinker Redwood top taken from the Northern California coast my Mom loved so much, and a FS style blue-green trim as a nod to the Ocean waters she loved to sit by.  The guitar arrived in October 2020, which I jokingly dubbed the “Derek Skye.” : )

      I decided to use the guitar to record the 9 songs I had written.  I have a couple of friends that are adding bass, electric guitar, and piano to some of the tracks (all via file share and socially distanced) but the centerpiece of the songs are the lyrics and my SCGC 00.

      4 of the songs are now completed and on SoundCloud.  I’m not monetizing the project at all, these are just songs I wanted to share.  I call the “band” Redwood Sky as a nod to my guitar but also to the feeling one gets when you look up while hiking through the Redwoods.

      Anyway, thanks to anyone who may take a moment to give the songs a listen.  Most of them are tinged with some sadness, but also with a great deal of love and some acceptance.

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      Nice…thanks for posting this!

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      Well done Mate…….sorry for the loss of your Mom . You used her “Gift” in a wonderful way . She’ll smile with every note Y’all play.


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        Barber Derek

        Thanks, I plan on using it for decades to come.

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      How sweet a mother’s love.  I believe this will be the keeper for you. Very nice.

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      Special work Barber, thanks for posting for the forum.  best regards, bert

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