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      Hey all. I just wanted to find out what pickup anyone has tried in a 1929 00 mahogany. I typically play with no pick and I am looking for the easiest to plug and play with no external preamp needed.  Hate to do it but I need to get one to play out and record. Heard good things about the baggs anthem and the Fishman aura vt  but know nothing about any electronics at all. I think that’s part of why I have only played acoustic.

      Thanks in advance for any input!

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      Matt Hayden

      I’m using a PUTW #54 soundboard transducer in my 1929 00 (though it does require an outboard pre).  Sounds amazing IMHO and is pretty unobtrusive.

      Before that I used a Sunrise magnetic, which plugged into just about anything and sounded good without a preamp, but which wa a little heavier….

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      May wanna throw this in general discussion, as this part of the forum is for Richard to respond to (but it would  be interesting to hear his thoughts on why they offer the pickups they install!)

      But ignoring that, it is really hard to go wrong with a K&K mini from the perspective of cost and simplicity. Haven’t tried it in a 00 mahogany, though. Might also look at James Mays new Ultra Tonic, and currently I am loving a Barbera Soloist that came jn a 00 I got a while ago.

      Beyond that, what really matters is what you’re plugging into though –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      I have the K&K mini in my Model D and get good results with a Zoom A3 preamp that allows acoustic guitar modelling, EQ (graphic and Parametric) and microphone modelling. I have to trim off <100 hz almost -10 db.

      I also have a McIntyre feather in a Morgan (Vancouver, BC, Canada) OM rosewood. See http://www.acousticon.com/mcintyre.htm

      It sounds more like the actual guitar with modelling or EQ applied but requires more gain on the preamp.

      My judgement comes from recording both in my studio and playing back on my mastering system and B&W P7 headphones.


      Best regards

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