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      Greetings all,

      I’m starting a traveling pick sampler. A lot of picks sound very different so…here they are all in one place. The first step is to PM me or post on this thread and I’ll send it to you, then you’ll post and find it’s next home. I’m tossing in a few goodies as well, if you find something in there you need, take it and replace it with something you  no longer need. Heck you might find some real surprises in there, don’t be shy.

      This works really well on Mandolin Cafe, let’s see if we can pull it off here. Ready….Set….Go!

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      Well – I would like to be on the list at some point, but right at the moment, I’m still playing with a freshly rebuilt amp and my strat, and trying to figure out all these various knobs and settings – I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. But the idea is great, and I’d like to be in on it!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      I can’t believe this isn’t flying off the shelf at Walmat…there’s about 200 bucks worth of picks in here, some not available at any time now, I think there are a couple of those groovy dunlops, a wegen or two, a BLUE CHIP thumb pick (thank you Zorro), I think a pick from the Country Music Hall of Fame, a couple of strap lock things, some end pins of different sizes, three sets of STRINGS., it’s my entire misspent youth….it’s a pay it forward deal, come on, let’s play! I’m payin for shipping,

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