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      Topic usually reserved for electric players but what pedals do you use if you play amplified? A great Boss GE-7 and a chorus?  Let’s hear about your live rig

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      moo cow

      Boss GE-7 and a cable straight to board.

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      SCGC VJ (K&K mini) —> LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI —> TC Elecs Hall of Fame2 reverb.

      Little this, little that, just right.  bert

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      Orchid Electronics preamp is usually plenty for my Mix F5 mandolin.

      For the JBovier EMC5, I run though an Origin Effects Slide Rig.  It’s another preamp designed to boost and compress.  Sometimes I use a Boss Overdrive and a Boss EQ pedal.

      I’m looking for a good reverb pedal at the moment.  🙂



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      Old 97

      I bought Eric Skye’s K&K pre amp. Beats the Baggs’ PADI completely. I go into the pa from there. My Cruz has the Baggs Anthem. I like it. The band hates it. They prefer the K&Ks in the Brondel and the Northwood. I find the Northwood has the best sound of the three.

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      Matt Hayden

      Have a small tube preamp (ART Tube MP/C) which sounds very warm and works fine – indeed, better – with cheap 12AX7s than better ones (lower voltage, so the tube never overdrives).  Used with an SBT (PUTW, Baggs, etc), it’s big and warm; the compression and the eq make it easy to dial in for either solo or band work.

      Always use the reverb on the board (or the amp) if possible – it’s usually better than outboard reverbs, IMO.



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