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      Holy slide faders Batman!  This graphic EQ (Boss GE-7) is making my ears very happy!

      I’ve dropped it in after the compressor/preamps and before the overdrive.   I gave my Arrow G5 a bit of mid-range bump and now everything is different, better.

      Because the string gauges jump radically from 24w to 42 and then to 56 the EQ tended to favour the bottom end too much.  Sometimes, if a sound guy didn’t know what he was doing, it sounded like I was playing two instruments.  And if the C course was even slightly out of tune, dear God it sounded yucky!  Now that I can tame the top and bottom ends, the amp works better, and the whole rig sounds good.

      Now I’m after a Boss Multi-Overtone (MO-2) to replace my octave pedal.

      Might be time for a garage sale.  Pedals no longer in use:

      • MXR Distortion + from the early 1980s (I’m the original owner)
      • Boss CE-3 chorus
      • Boss BF-3 flanger
      • Boss RC20XL looper



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      One of the best and most useable pedals in the world, huge bang for the buck, I think I’ve 5, sell it and then go buy another

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      Old 97

      Daniel, please give the details on the MXR Distortion pedal, and hugs to the family as well.

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      It’s a really nice distortion box.  Needs a bit of a clean-up as the foam padding in the box (which I still have) disintegrated around the pedal.  I put a new battery in it and tested it late last week.  It works well.  No noise in the knobs.

      Email me please?


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