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      Any of our group using J.P. armrests ?

      Just curious…. I was wondering if my own strumming/picking arm was resting too firmly on the Ramuda but using an E chord strum and lifting my right arm off the top I did not notice any increase in volume.

      I finger pick with my pinkie anchored on the pick guard ( a bad habit I know, but been doing it for 50 years plus) and that holds my forearm off the guitar.

      When I strum with thumbpick and back of fingers I don’t rest my forearm on top either.

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      Acoustic Soul

      Did you see the video I uploaded to youtube and posted to the group about Abel armrest?  If not search on the forum Abel and see if you see it.  That’s the one I’ve been using this year, there is a definite difference in sound and feel.  Maestro also commented over this either on the phone or email with me saying yes it does, and no they don’t take that account into the build… they leave technique entirely up to the player…. he said if guitarists were smart we might adopt classical position, but it’s easier to buy implements.  I use the implement in classical position unless I want to get into a country position or something

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      Matt Hayden

      The advice to adopt a classical or classical-like position is useful. Not only does it damp the top and back less, it also improves both hands’ position relative to the instrument (IMHO, anyhow).

      If you need to hold it in a classical-like position, the instrument can be rested on your right thigh, or you can use a Neck-up support which does so a little more securely.

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      One advantage of using the classical method is that there are four contact points between the guitar and your body – chest, right arm, left leg and right leg.  A guitar resting on the right leg has three contact points – chest, right arm and right leg.

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